Best Paper Awards

These awards are picked by committees delegated by the poster chairs of the conference.

◦ Invisible wire between the drone and pilot
by Jongwoo Jeon, Sanghyeong Yu and Kwangsu Cho(Yonsei University)

◦ Predicting the Contents popularity with the help of Big Data and In-network Caching in Information Centric Wireless Networking
by Kyi Thar and Hong Choong Seon(Kyung Hee University)

◦ Smart CDSS: Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling using Mind Maps and Decision Trees
by Musarrat Hussain, Maqbool Hussain and Sungyoung Lee(Kyung Hee University)

◦ Schedulebot: A Home Robot Learning and Acting Schedule Adaptively via Dynamic Environments
by Chung-Yeon Lee, Sang-Woo Lee(Seoul National University), Chaeeun Lee(University of Minnesota) and Byoung-Tak Zhang(Seoul National University)

◦ Pororobot: Child Tutoring Robot for English Education
by Kyungmin Kim, Chang-Jun Nan, Min-Oh Heo and Byoung-Tak Zhang(Seoul National University)

◦ Anomaly Pattern for Fraud Detection and Clustering on Large-scale On-line Enterprise Market
by Eunji Jang and Taikyeong Jeong(Seoul Womens University)