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The KIISE membership is classified into three types, individual membership, institutional membership, and special membership. Among these three types, the individual membership is further classified into the regular membership, student membership, and life membership. There are over 35,000 Individual members, 277 institutional members, and 147 Special members.

Membership Qualification

1) Individual Membership

- Regular Membership : For People attained bachelor degree or over in disciplines of information science or disciplines related thereto with actual careers more than 2 years in institutions or agencies of research or application thereof. People holding significant career in fields of information science/technology/engineering or are earnestly interested in such disciplines and fields of application thereof.
- Student Membership : For Students majored or majoring information science or disciplines related thereto without any occupation.
- Life Membership : For Regular Members Paid Life Membership Fee.

2) Institutional Membership

For Non-profit Institutions or Agencies like Libraries, Schools, or Research Labs. etc.

3) Special Membership

For Individuals, Groups, or Corporations in compliance with the Business Intent of the Institute.