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[Plenary Talk 3]    11.2(Thur) 14:00 - 15:30

Christoph von der Malsburg
FIAS(Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies)

The Neural Code at the Base of Perception, Action and Cognition

▷ Abstract
A mere three years enable infants to understand and represent the immediate environment, act in it, speak about it, be conscious and learn from single experiences. To make this possible, the organism needs less than one Gigabyte of genetic information and a nursery as learning ground that could probably be generated as virtual reality with the help of another Gigabyte worth of program volume. Psychologist estimate that the human brain picks up about two bits of information per second, and three years amount to less than 100 million seconds. By contrast, to describe the wiring of cortex alone takes about a Petabyte, a million times beyond the amount of information going into the brain! The explanation of this discrepancy must be that the neural code, the data structure represented by the neural tissue, has a very powerful structural prejudice. What is that prejudice?

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