Aims and Scope

The International Symposium on Perception, Action, and Cognitive Systems (PACS) is a premier venue for the science and engineering of embodied cognitive systems that sense, act, reason, and learn in real-world environments. The fundamental significance of embodied cognitive systems has long been recognized in science, but its industrial importance realized only recently by new technologies, such as the Internet of things, mixed reality, wearable devices, personal robots, and autonomous cars. The goal of PACS is to bring international researchers from academia and industry together to present recent progresses and discuss new frontiers in interdisciplinary research and convergence technologies for embodied cognitive systems. The topics of PACS cover the integrative research in the following areas:


o Action Science
o Anticipatory Systems
o Artificial Intelligence
o Augmented Cognition
o Autonomous Learning
o Brain-like Systems
o Cognitive Architectures
o Cognitive Robots
o Complex Adaptive Systems
o Conversational Agents
o Cyber-Physical Systems
o Embodied Cognition
o Emotion Machines

o Haptic Interfaces
o Human-Robot Interaction 
o Human-Level AI
o Intelligence Augmentation
o Internet of Things
o Machine Cognition
o Mind Machines
o Perceptual Computing
o Personal Robots
o Self-aware Systems
o Smart Machines
o Wearable Agents